About Company

Innovative Piping System

NEPRO Industries (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1995, at Pakistan with major offices in Haripur (Hatter), and Faisalabad. We are experts in high quality, technologically advance plastic piping. Our plastic piping manufacturing methods, follow rigorous quality control; NEPRO Industries (Pvt) Ltd piping products and services are mainly used in areas of irrigation, construction, drainage, energy, power distribution, potable water supply, gas supply, cable ducting, telecommunication networks and industrial applications.The company has a strong rooted ethos of Quality and Prudence. We always believe that Trust & Commitment are more important than mere Success.

NEPRO Industries(Pvt) Ltd has achieved a remarkable success in the region of Pakistan by it’s longest presence and commitment to the quality and service to the utmost satisfaction of the customers. In order to achieve this remarkable success in the region, NEPRO Industries(Pvt) Ltd has a back up of highly experienced and professional personal. Which has enabled us to contribute significantly in the regional development of irrigation, construction, plumbing and landscaping sectors. Beside in house quality control, .tests are also carried out thorough independent laboratories of international standards to certify the quality of our pipes

Quality Assurance

NEPRO Industries(Pvt) Ltd we embody a system of quality both in our products and services. We engage in a process of continual improvement, growth of each and every aspect of our business and encourage a culture of quality aiming at exceeding customer expectations. Quality is assured from the very beginning when products are designed to the required specifications, through execution of the manufacturing process, control of raw materials, in-process inspection, packing, storage, shipping and continuous sales support.


Quality Control

We are extremely proud of our in-house Testing Laboratory, where we perform all relevant dimensional, physical and chemical property tests. Highly qualified engineers conduct thorough and comprehensive tests to simulate working conditions of piping systems. Our QA/QC department continuously monitors and analyzes the quality of pipes produced and ensures compliance with International Standards.

Approvals & Certificates