20mm ( ½ in) ; 25mm ( ¾ in) ; 32mm (1 in) ; 40mm (1 ¼ in) ; 50mm (1 ½ in) ;

63mm (2in) ; 75mm (2 ½ in) ; 90mm (3in) ; 110mm (4in)


1. Cut the pipe squarely along the desired length using a fine tooth saw or pipe cutter.
2. Remove burrs and chamfer spigot end of pipe using a flat file or deburring tool.
3. Clean spigot end of pipe and inside surface of fittings.
4. Dry fit pipe and fitting. Fit must be tight to obtain good bonding requirement.
5. Apply solvent cement evenly and quickly throughout the inside surface of the fiiting and on the outside surface of the pipe.
6. Insert pipe to the fitting until full insertion length is reached. Hold joint for at least 30 seconds before releasing to allow solvent
cement to set and prevent the pipe from backing out of the fitting.
7. Wipe off excess solvent cement. Allow 24 hours curing time before pressure testing.

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